The vision of the St. Martin Church of of Christ is:

"Moving from Healing to Wholeness"

The mission of St. Martin Church of Christ, Inc. is to present a comprehensive new life and wholeness plan for its members and community. The plan is consistent with the Biblical model in Luke 17 of being touched by a Higher Power and moving on to develop and strengthen the other ecosystems or areas of one's life, including: spiritual, social, psychological, emotional, economical, educational, cultural, and political.         

Our strategic directions are as follows:
Ministry to the Lord (organizational structure order)
Ministry to the Saints (development training)       

Ministry to the World (community outreach programs services)    

St. Martin Church of Christ, Inc.  is commissioned by biblical tenets to care for the needs of the community.We are called to minister to men, women and  children in cycles of poverty, hopelessness, dysfunctional and dependencies of many kinds. Our goal is to provide food, clothing, referral services, financial assistance (as dictated by church  policy), and rehabilitation referral services to those in need. We hope and pray for the lives of those we  serve to be transformed through the love and power of Jesus Christ; so that  they can change their lives and again become self sufficient, productive members of society.

We offer collaborative,  cost-effective, and quality-driven services that meet needs that are articulated by our community and that fill documented gaps in services rather than  unnecessarily duplicate community services. Services may be provided by our organization, or collaboratively through linking individuals to other existing service providers and community partners. 

St. Martin's provides the following ministries and services to our congregation, surrounding community and Baltimore City at-large:

Evangelism & Outreach

  •    Homelessness
  •    Food Pantry & Clothing

Academic Resources (in partnership with Druid Heights Community Development Corp.)

  •    After-School Program
  •    Academic Tutorial
  •    Computer Lab

Hip-Hop (Youth & Young Adults)

  • ​   Intergenerational Dialogue 
  •    Youth Truth Talk Show

Substance Abuse

  • Narcotics Anonymous


  • Live Radio Broadcast (via Spirit 1400 AM)
  • Mending Nets Recovery Phone Line

  • Prison Ministry

  • Bereavement


  • Business Roundtable

  • Marriage
  • Singles

  • Men's
  • Women's

St. Martin Church continues to empower people making their lives better by Moving from Healing to Wholeness. We would love to partner with you to make this happen. If you feel led, click on the donate button and help us share the life changing power of Jesus Christ with others.




"A Ministry Moving from Healing to Wholeness"